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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..15 July 2012


The Adelaide Crow Army continued their march to the Finals in September with a 119 point drubbing of Greater Western Sydney. Yes I know GWS are at the bottom of the AFL ladder, but that would have made no difference to the Crow team of the last few years, they may well have still lost, but the new Crows, thanks to Brenton Sanderson, now that’s a different story.

Did anyone see the Sunday show on Channel 7 tonight, specifically the section on the Ping Pong Poms? I have a question, before you immigrated did you not do your homework, did you not find out what life would be like in Australia, the climate, the cost of living? Why come out here and knock everything about this great country, if that is your attitude I am glad you are going back to the UK. We have plenty of room for everyone in the lucky country but we only want you if you are willing to contribute, we have enough bludgers of our own.

I am yet to go overseas but from everything I read and everything I see on the television I would not live anywhere else. Australia is the greatest country on Earth and I am very proud to be an Australian.

That is enough of my soapbox for the night now to television, namely Downton Abbey. This show just gets better every week, whatever will I do after the series finale of this, and Revenge in the same week. Bring on Big Brother 🙂

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Elizabeth Counsel says:


    I’ve lived in other countries and traveled extensively. I promise you there is no perfect nation, including our own. Every country I have ever been to has advantages and disadvantages. True, Australia has more advantages than most.

    While I don’t like the ‘my country is better than you’re country’ approach, it doesn’t change the fact that Australia is the country I was lucky enough to be born and raised in and I don’t want people who were silly enough to migrate to Australia, apparently based largely on a fantasy soap.

    I’m very eager for this particular family to go back to Britain. Regrettably, taking out Australian citizenship before they left Australia shows the moral code this family obviously lives by.

    Elizabeth Counsel

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