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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..16 July 2012


When you consider that today was my day off I was really very busy. First stop was the Elizabeth Town Centre to buy a birthday present and card for Melissa, Ryan’s fiancee. Whilst there I thought I would check out the bookshops and see if I could buy a book about racing pigeons, no such luck.

Second stop, Resthaven at Craigmore to see Mum. When I arrived Mum was sitting in the meals area waiting to go back to her room after lunch and her head was rather droopy. As soon as she heard my voice she woke up so I wheeled her back to her room, all the while she protested they had moved her to a new room, but guess what, she is in the same room she has been  in for five years. She was very confused today so the visit was quite a strain.

Third stop Ryan’s as he has bought a new car, a Honda Accord, and I wanted to drop off Melissa’s birthday present. Not that I know much about cars but he seems to have a good buy. Ryan and I had a good chat and it was a very enjoyable visit.

Fourth stop Blake’s as I have not seen him for a while. We arranged that he would come for dinner with my granddaughter Jade this coming Saturday night so that is something to look forward to.

During the course of the day I also had a quick chat with Wade, everything seems to be going reasonably well for him at the moment. Tonight I called Kane as I wanted to see how Jayden’s first day at school went, they grow up so quickly

Dinner tonight was  at the Largs Pier with Leanne and Kevin, and whilst my dinner was very nice it was not particularly warm which was disappointing. Final stop home to watch the second to last episode of Revenge, whatever will I do on a Monday night after that ends next week?

Thank you for reading.

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