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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..19 July 2012

Our interstate guests have now left us. It was lovely to see Leanne and Kevin again as it is not often we get together given they live in Geraldton, Western Australia. While it was great to catch up I am sure that Leanne is happy to be back home with her children, and I trust Kevin will have an enjoyable visit with his mother and other family members in New Zealand.

I had quite a good day at work today and am looking forward to tomorrow. There are only 5 working days left before my predecessor retires and while I must continue to pick his brain I will be pleased to be able to launch myself full-time into my new role.

I found out something a bit eerie today, it would appear that even the Universe foretold I would get this job as I found out that my predecessor and I share the same birthday, albeit in different decades.

Brian’s back is much better tonight but he is very tired, it is most unlike him to be in bed before 9.00pm. From the sounds of it he is in a very deep sleep and fingers crossed I will not be far behind him. I will need to make the most of any break in the not so soothing rhythms emanating from that room.

Thank you for reading.

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