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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..21 July 2012

Life teaches me new lessons all the time, and one thing I have learned is you never know what’s around the corner. Something happened to Brian today that just blew our minds, it was something very good, and it came quite unexpectedly from out of the blue. I can’t really say too much about it at the moment, but you just never know what a simple visit to your local GP can bring. The planets are definitely aligned for us right now.

Next on the list today was a visit to Ryan and Melissa. As soon as we walked in our granddaughter Calais who will be 1 next month  gave us the most beautiful smile and threw her arms open for a hug. Bailey was also happy to see us and proudly showed off his new Wii and his AFL game.

After that it was a quick stop at Kane and Kristin’s and their brood of four. Young Jayden started school this week and on Day 3 he was put on his first “step” for making fart noises in class, it was all I could do to stop myself from laughing.

Nest stop McDonald’s for a not so healthy bite to eat and then a detour through St Kilda as Brian had a brain wave that perhaps we could buy a cheap house there…..pass, nothing very nice in St Kilda except the pub and a  huge kid’s playground, not somewhere I want to live.

Back home to watch the mighty Adelaide Crows soundly defeat the West Coast Eagles in the AFL, suffice to say the Crow Army continues its march to finals glory in September.

Blake and Jade came for tea, home-made pizza. What a lovely visit, Jade is an absolute joy. All in all today would have been a perfect day if we had seen Cody and Wade and Gink, maybe next weekend. Thank you for reading.

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