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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..25 July 2012


Sorry about yesterday everyone, I really didn’t feel well and had a very early night. I am still not feeling the best, in fact I slept until 11.00 this morning so am glad today is my day off, but you can’t keep a good man down. The headache has not really gone all day but I am a bit better tonight and will go to work tomorrow.

Lovely weather here in Adelaide, it is blowing an absolute gale here. We complain in the winter and we complain in the summer, no pleasing some people. As someone who has seen first hand the effects of the recent drought I will not complain about the rain again.

I was so pleased to see Andy win MasterChef tonight, his parents must be so proud. Here was a 24-year-old typical Aussie boy and to see the way he has grown from where the show started to now has been interesting to watch. Congratulations Andy, you truly deserved to win tonight. Not that you should take anything away from Julia, but Andy was best on the night, great to see a young man do so well.

I have to say though Channel 10 that it would be nice to have a break before MasterChef Allstars kicks off, I probably won’t watch much of this show as I am all “MasterChefed” out for the moment. Thank you for reading.

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