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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..26 July 2012


I was home ill again today. I got up and had a shower, got dressed and was on my way to work, when I knew I just could not keep going, so back home I went, I felt terrible. As soon as I got home it was back to bed and I slept until 1.30pm. I must go to work tomorrow as I only have a couple of days left with my predecessor so fingers crossed I shake this today.

One of my pet hates on the current spate of talent shows is the recycling of yesterday’s news. Hats off to Andrew de Silva who I hear won Australia’s Got Talent last night, but being a MasterChef fan I did not watch it, I actually did not watch the entire series even once. I know Andrew’s story is a great one but I cannot help but wonder whether he should have been on an amateur talent show given his history, surely any record company would have given his “comeback” a big thumb’s up to get him going again.

Likewise with Nathan Foley who will appear on the Channel 10 show I Will Survive. This guy has been around the traps for years as a member of Hi 5, he has also tried his hand at a recording career but got nowhere, his spot should have been given to a true amateur. That is my opinion anyway.

Another very wintry night here in Adelaide, lots of rain and the wind is blowing, what a great night to be inside, an even better night to be in bed. Goodnight and thank you for reading.

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