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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..28 July 2012


Please don’t tell me I am the only one that thought the opening ceremony of the London Olympics was anything but mediocre. The British do pomp and spectacle, all the ceremonial stuff better than anyone, but where was it?

Where was the party, the singing, the dancing, surely they could have taken something from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert other than Paul McCartney. Yes I know he has written more hit songs than anyone in history, and yes I know Hey Jude was a massive hit, “was” being the operative word. I don’t want to see a seventy year old man who is past his prime, I want to see some of the great British talent of today.

Being a staunch royalist I was also left speechless at the irreverence the Queen lent herself to, what was that farce with James Bond alias Daniel Craig all about. I could have accepted it if he had simply accompanied the Queen to the ceremony but jumping from a helicopter, I am sorry but I did not see the humour.

It was a relief when the athletes entered the arena although I was disappointed by the Channel Nine commentary as we seemed to miss many of the nations presented whilst lingering over crowd scenes and the like.

The lighting of the flame, now while I have to give them an A for effort I wanted something spectacular and I didn’t get it. In all I was quite disappointed and now wish I had stayed in bed and watched the highlights on the news. Let’s hope the closing ceremony is a step up.

Now for the Adelaide Crows, yes I know they lost but they weren’t thrashed and they never gave up, you have to lose a game now and then to keep you hungry. Don’t you worry, they will be there come the Finals.

Now its off to dinner with friends. Thank you for reading.

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