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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..4 August 2012


Brian went to visit a friend this morning so I had a lovely lazy morning in bed, just what I needed. When I finally did get up I didn’t do much, I checked out Facebook and my emails, played around on the Internet, just fluffed around really.

When Brian did come home we went straight out, first stop the Elizabeth Shopping Centre where we checked our lotto from last week and had a small win, the second week running. I can feel the big one coming, thank you Universe.

After a quick lunch in the food court it was off to the nursing home to visit Mum who was not very well today. Mum complained she had been ill for days and the staff weren’t doing anything, so I spoke to the duty nurse who said she had been a bit off colour today but that was it. Anyway he came and checked her vitals and other than her blood pressure being a bit high she was OK. She certainly perked up while we were there so I think she may have been foxing for a bit of sympathy.

We had some time to kill so we had a look through some display homes, nothing all that inspiring really. We then took a drive around Blake’s Crossing, such small blocks and so many houses crammed in, give me a quarter acre block any day.

Dinner was at Ryan and Melissa’s’ where we had a very pleasant visit with our three grandchildren Bailey, Cody and Calais. All three kids get on very well, the boys dote on their baby sister, so it was a lovely visit.

Nothing much on telly tonight so off to bed. Brunch with Mary at 10.30 in the morning.

Thank you for reading.

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