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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..9 August 2012


I still feel terrible today so I have decided to write early that way when I am tired I can just go to bed. Another day off work which I am not happy about, but fortunately I have a good boss so I can make up the time next week rather than fall behind and lose money as well.

I got up quite early so I could have a shower and be ready to see my doctor whenever I could get an appointment. What a joke, not only could I not get in to see my doctor, I could not see any other as well so I started to ring around and try my luck. I am sorry Sir bit we are fully booked, and No we do not do call backs if we get a cancellation. What do you do, you can’t see a GP and they advertise on television that you should not go to a hospital except for a true emergency.

Anyway after calling around a half dozen medical centres I finally found one that could get me in, but when I got there they were running an hour behind, I could not take a trick. I thought the medical facilities in the country regions were bad, Adelaide is just a bad. Is the government going to do anything about it, they certainly are, they are cutting jobs in the hospitals, so lets hope some of those doctors become GPs.

I am very disappointed tonight as my son Blake is having a family dinner as he is going to live in Melbourne for a while, and I am just too ill to attend. Try and find some time to see your old Dad Mate, I love you very much and will miss you terribly.

That’s enough of me for now. I really hope I feel better tomorrow as my youngest granddaughter Calais turns 1 and I want to see both her and Blake if I can, and I also want to go to work.

Thank you for reading.

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