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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..11 August 2012


Today I am feeling much better, not 100%, but much better. I suppose 14 hours sleep will do that for you, I could not believe it when I woke up and checked my clock and it was 12.15. Brian had been up for hours and had done all the washing bless him.

Brian decided he wanted to hit Harbor Town and check out the bargains, but I decided that if I really wanted to shake this bug I should stay home in the warm, so that is what I did. I also knew Brian would have a much nicer time without me as I loathe shopping and he is in his element. He was very happy to find a suit he liked marked down from $599 to $20, only he could smell a bargain like that.

I used my time relaxing in front of the television, firstly watching a movie I have been wanting to see for years, Mayerling, with Omar Sharif. I have actually seen the movie a number of times, but only the last half so today I saw the frist bit, that is until the football came on, now I just need to see the middle of the movie. If only one of my kids would burn it for me it would be a good cheap gift, get the hint boys.

The Adelaide Crows were in fine form this afternoon, downing Fremantle in a very good game. It is a given that the Crows will play in the finals but I doubt they will win the premiership, but next year all AFL teams should watch out.

My heart went out to Matthew Mitcham tonight, Australia‘s 10 metre diving hope, as he missed the finals by just a few points. Given the recent criticisms of the commentary I was very impressed with the way Giaan Rooney interviewed him after such a disappointing defeat, to him anyway. Giaan treated him with dignity and congratulated him on his achievements. Well done Matthew and Giann, two wonderful athletes.

Thank you for reading.

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