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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..13 August 2012


A very busy and a very productive day at work today. I am completely up to date with everything which is just as well as I have two strata meetings tomorrow.

I have had an idea to make Graham’s Goodies are more complete shopping experience. I already have a page “For Pets, and another “For Kids”, so on Wednesday I will launch my newest page “For Her” to be followed by “For Him”. Fingers crossed this subtle but very simple change will get sales rolling as things have been a bit quiet. As a small on-line retailer going up against the bigwigs, even with Amazon behind me it is difficult.

What does everyone think of the new look Big Brother, I’m not quite sure. As there is really not much else to watch at 7.00 I will probably follow it for a while, at least until all the housemates are in, all the secrets are out, and there has been an eviction.

I was impressed with Underbelly Badness, Jonathon LaPaglia and Matt Nable were excellent, and  Aaron Jeffrey is almost unrecognisable. Episode 1 bodes well for the series.

Body of Evidence is another very good show, with Dana Delaney playing a wonderful role as medical examiner, a bit of a cliffhanger tonight so looking forward to next week.

Thank you for reading, and thank you to my new blog followers.

The complete shopping experience at Graham’s Goodies http://www.grahamsgoodies.net/home.html. A brand new page “For Her” to be launched this Wednesday.


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