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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..14 August 2012


I’ve had quite an odd day today, it is most unlike me but I have been a bit befuddled. Nothing really huge went wrong, just reading things incorrectly and wasting my time wondering why I couldn’t find this and that. Janet must have thought I was a bit loony today, oh well I have tomorrow off, maybe all I need is a good night’s sleep. On the up side both my meetings went well, at least I did not make a goose of myself with my clients.

I had a close shave this morning, stationery in my car waiting  for someone in front to turn right. They were taking forever so I looked back and as there was a break in traffic I passed them and then whoosh out of nowhere a car came up on the inside and nearly took me out. Whomever was watching over me this morning, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Driving home tonight at dusk and it is surprising how may morons were driving without their lights on, where were the police then?

I am very tired tonight, here it is not quite 9.30 and I am writing my blog as I want to go to bed.

My son Blake drove to Melbourne today where he will be living for a few months, he drove his sick old Lanos but it got him there, after hearing it last weekend I don’t know how but it did. I am just grateful he made it in one piece, his car included, can’t wait to see him again on his first trip back home, this weekend. Blake is a part-time DJ and as luck would have it he has a gig this weekend so has to come back, at least he will be here for Calais’ first birthday party.

More new followers of my blog, thank you so much, I hope I don’t disappoint. Thank you for reading.

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