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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..17 August 2012


Brian and I had a lovely dinner tonight, good winter comfort food, pasta at Fasta Pasta in Port Adelaide.

It is now 7.56 in Adelaide and Brian is downstairs on the lounge fast asleep while I am upstairs writing. How do I know he is sleeping, let’s just say , well I won’t say as I got in to trouble last time, but he is breathing very heavily. I have got strict instructions to wake him up at 8.30 for Escape to the Country.

I’m not sure how I feel about the Australian governments decision to process “boat people” offshore. It would seem to me we are just moving the problem internationally. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing really. While I feel for these people and I can appreciate why they want to come to Australia, and I understand some may not have the means to do so legally, they definitely should not be coming on the boats they do, who knows how many innocent lives are lost at sea and never heard of again. There must be a better way but what?

At the moment Australia seems to have a particular problem with young people drinking, the violence that ensues is getting worse and the loss of life, and the loss of quality of life, is appalling. Do we put the legal drinking age up, I think so, and while we are at it lets pop the legal age up for driving, access to “R” and “X” rated games and movies, not to mention the vote. At eighteen we all thought we knew everything but as we get older we realise differently.

Now I know a lot of young people will think I am nothing but an old wowser, but it really is for their own good, we never had these issues when I was younger. I know I sound like an old fart, but I abhor the loss of so many young and innocent wasted lives. As a parent and grandparent the worst thing imaginable is losing a child or grandchild, unfortunately this realisation has not yet dawned on the young.

Thank you for reading.

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