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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..18 August 2012


What a busy day today has been. Our first stop was the nursing home to see Mum, she was out of bed and dressed today so looked much better than last time, she was also quite chatty. I have noticed that she is becoming very confused, even forgetting the names of close family members. I referred to a couple of different family members in passing and she had no idea who I was talking about.

Next stop was Calais’ first birthday party, a dress up party with a face painter. We had two fairies, one princess, one cat, one pirate, one  ninja turtle, Elmo, and Dennis the Menace; the kids looked great and had a very enjoyable time, all the kids love seeing each other. It was a lovely afternoon as I got to see all four sons and all eight grandchildren in the one place at the one time.

The Adelaide Crows, there is not much to crow about tonight, pun intended. The boys started out well and remained competitive but it was not enough to get the four points, and against the Brisbane Lions, thirteenth on the ladder. When you drop your bundle Crows you really drop it. I must confess to being disappointed on the one hand, but on another maybe it did them good to drop a game, it will show them they can’t be complacent leading into the finals. Extract the digit next week boys and show the other teams just what you are made of.

On another matter, Brian and I checked last weeks lotto, we play Powerball every Thursday, Oz Lotto every Tuesday, Saturday Lotto and One game of Keno every week, this week, for the third time in the last four weeks, a small win. A Small win is better than no win and it paid for next week. The times they are a changing, thank you Universe. Rub my Buddha.

Thank you for reading.

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