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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..21 August 2012

Another busy day at work, 9.00 am and I started the day with a strata meeting, three owners but only one turned up. The funny thing was that one of the other owners assigned her proxy to the third owner who didn’t turn up either, looks like an adjourned meeting is coming their way.

Brian and I are attending a work dinner for Masonic Homes on Saturday night so I dropped our suits off to be dry cleaned, $44 for the two, quite reasonable I think.

Not much on television again tonight, repeat, repeat, repeat. We did intend to watch the first episode of I Will Survive on Channel 10 but only caught the last ten minutes, not sure we want to watch any more after that. I still believe that Nathan Foley, formerly of Hi-5, should not be able to compete in a talent show that is supposed to be for amateurs.

We did watch Who Do You Think You Are, the British version, tonight was about Robin Gibb of Bee Gees fame, boring. Over to The Closer, a new season but like all good shows the storylines get quite lame during the last season.

Brian and I had a big day planned for tomorrow, we were going to Minlaton to visit his cousin whom we haven’t seen for years but she cancelled tonight, so now Brian is threatening to take me shopping all day. I feel a migraine coming on, I love shopping.

Thank you for reading.

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