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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..22 August 2012


Today saw me up quite early considering it was my day off. Brian decided that a day of shopping was in order, I hate shopping, so we traipsed around Westfield Marion. I did need some good shoes to wear on Saturday night and Brian needed some things so it wasn’t that bad. I was good, I didn’t complain, much.

You do see some odd sights out shopping, so many people who do not pay their electricity bills because if they could see  how they looked I don’t think they would leave the house. I assume a number of them also live by themselves, no-one to say, “Do you really think you should go out dressed like that”. Young, large girls in particular seem to be completely unaware of how bad they look in clothes that simply do not suit tem, and do not cover nearly enough.

When we got home I found myself in need of a Papa nap, I wasn’t asleep for long but it was long enough to rejuvenate me.

Dallas and good old JR hit our screens again tonight, just as twisted as the original. Charlene Tilton who plays Lucy Ewing was looking a bit haggard, the years have not been good to her.

We have just watched Big Brother Confidential, not very inspiring television, the girls in this series are particularly boring. Bradley has certainly come out of his shell in just  a few days.

That’s it for me, have a great day tomorrow. Thank you for reading.

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