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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..24 August 2012


My heart goes out to the family of sixteen year old Kristen Fonseca tragically killed in a jet ski accident in Hawaii, as a parent myself I can only imagine what her parents are going through. My heart also goes out to the young Australian Tyson Dagley accused of negligent homicide, and his family.

Truly this event is a tragedy for all concerned but will it honour this young girl’s memory to put this boy behind bars, I think not. This is something Tyson must live with for the rest of his life, surely that is punishment enough. Nothing can bring Kristen back, it was a horrible accident but it was just that, an accident, nothing sinister, no plan, simply an accident. I am sure justice and common sense will prevail.

On a lighter note Brian and I have had a nice evening with our 9-year-old grandson Cody, we looked after him whilst his mother went out. Even at 9 he still likes a cuddle with his Papa, not very often though so tonight was an exception and I loved it. He also got a nice surprise when his Daddy Ryan rang him from Whyalla.

I phoned my son Blake tonight as he is now living in Melbourne for a few months and he started a new job this week. Things are not going so well, today at work he got a small piece of brick in his eye which has left him with a nasty scratch on his eye. Although it is not affecting his vision it is quite painful.

I had another very productive day at work today and my new boss told me they are very happy with me so it has been a good day. Thank you for reading.

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