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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..26 August 2012


Brian and I had a lovely night at the Masonic Homes dinner at the Stamford Plaza last night. I got to meet a number of Brian’s workmates as well as residents of various villages. Pre dinner we had drinks at the Strathmore Hotel and after dinner drinks in the piano bar at the Stamford, and then into the Swish nightclub. If I did not feel my age before I certainly did at Swish, everyone was so young and I felt so old, the music was terrible and the noise was worse. Plastic glasses, very classy.

As we were staying at the Stamford we did not have far to stagger, I mean walk. Our room was very uncomfortable, we turned the thermostat on the air conditioner down as much as we could but it was still uncomfortably warm. The buffet breakfast was also quite ordinary, none of the hot food was even warm.

It was good to get back home and before long I was catching up on some sleep on the lounge, and then it was time to watch my beloved Adelaide Crows defeat Melbourne. A great win guys now lets keep up this momentum and have a good shot at the premiership.

Tonight we went for dinner at Wade and Gink’s, my son and his partner. Gink cooked a lovely meal and we had a good laugh, mostly at Brian’s expense, but it was all in good fun and he is a good sport most of the time.

I see Charne was evicted the from the Big Brother house, I can’t say I am surprised but I would rather have seen Estelle go.

Thank you for reading.

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