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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..28 August 2012


There are a couple of things that have really got me fired up today. The first thing is all this rubbish about stopping children from doing cartwheels and the like in our schoolyards, have we gone mad? One day it is all about obesity in our children, and the next day we are trying to stifle physical activity. It is high time some of these do-gooders started worrying about real issues like bullying and drugs, let kids be kids.

The other big issue today is that of drug testing for welfare recipients, I am against this. What about the poor mother and her children that live with a drug addicted father, why should they suffer any more than they already do. Throwing Dad out so Mum can stay on welfare is not the answer, we need to keep families together if we can.

I believe the government should give vouchers rather than money, vouchers for food, vouchers for clothes, vouchers for medicines, vouchers for rent; we already have free health care, minimise the cash hand outs. If they don’t have the cash they can’t buy the stash, fund more rehabilitation programs for drug users.

Tonight I watched a unique and thought-provoking television show on SBS, Go Back To Where You Came From. Six prominent Australians have been sent to trace the steps of refugees seeking asylum in Australia, three have gone to Kabul in Afghanistan, and three to Mogadishu in Somalia. This is probably the saddest most gut wrenching show I have ever watched. All these people want is what we have, food in their stomachs, a safe place to live, freedom, every human beings birthright, no matter their colour or religion.

The world simply must do more, I wish I had the answers. I would love to see world peace and the end to poverty in my lifetime but fear I am only dreaming. Thank you for reading.

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  1. neetsplace says:

    Stopping kids from doing cartwheels…are you serious….society has completely lost the plot.

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