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Thoughts of a midde aged man…..29 August 2012


Today was my day off and I had a doctor’s appointment. The good news is that my blood pressure is the best it has been in a year, but, and there is always a but don’t you hate that, I need to have more fibre in my diet to help my cholesterol. Brian thinks I have more than enough fibre in my diet if you get my drift. If that is the worst thing that happened to me today, and it is, it was a good day.

Through Facebook I have found another former workmate from my days at Solver Paints, someone who I remember very fondly. I won’t mention her name for reasons that will become obvious, but finding her has certainly made me think.

Now I have a very happy life, I have children that love me, beautiful grandchildren, a wonderful partner that would do anything for me. I have a good job, a lovely home, food on the table and all our bills are paid. Life is pretty good.

Yes I do have a slight issue with depression, and I do have the odd health issue, Type 2 diabetes, bad cholesterol, and an under active thyroid, but this all pales into insignificance when you hear about what others have to face.

This brings me back to my Solver workmate who, as I have found out today, is now a paraplegic. I can only imagine what this has done to her life, I don’t know the cause as Facebook is not the correct media for that discussion, but we will catch up and I am sure I will find out.

What I would like to say to her is to stay strong and fight the fight. You are a strong person just as you were when I knew you and out of this adversity something good will come. I look forward to seeing you again after you have settled into  your new home. Take care.

Thank you for reading.

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