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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..1 September 2012


Go the Mighty Crows, it’s finals time. A great win today, second on the AFL ladder in the minor rounds, an excellent result after the last few years. Just a few short weeks to go now boys, show them what you are made of and march on to the Premiership flag. The icing on the cake will be Daniel Talia winning the NAB Rising Star and a Brownlow for either Scott Thompson or Patrick Dangerfield. How do you pick a club champion this year, it will be a close race.

Something quite funny happened this afternoon, I hope it will translate well here and not be another one of those things where you had to be there so please bear with me.

Brian and I visited Caitlin in hospital , she was very pleased to see us and she is doing well. I am so proud of her as she takes all the blood tests and sticking and probing in her stride now and does not get upset about it. For those who don’t know Caitlin has Common Variable Immune Deficiency which is the base cause of all her health problems right back to when she contracted pneumococcal meningitis as an 18 month old which left her deaf. Her sister and two brothers will all now be tested to see if they are also sufferers, it is one of those silent potential killers which can strike at any time.

Shortly after we arrived at the hospital Kristin arrived with the other three children and eventually 2 year old Zak settled down next to me to watch a DVD, he was quite happy having a cuddle and watching Hi-5. After a short time there was this was distinct odour coming from Zak, the master of the crappy nappy. Kane bent down and asked him if he had done poo, and without skipping a beat or moving his eyes from the DVD, he pointed to Brian as if to say, it’s not me, its Uncle Brian. It was a very funny moment.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, by this time tomorrow night I will know which of my 4 sons is still in the will. Thank you for reading.

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