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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..2 September 2012

Today was one of my better Father’s Day, all the boys remembered which was great, and the sentiments they expressed bought a tear to my eye, in particular Blake who is in Melbourne and could not see his own daughter today. All 4 boys are still in the will.
Ryan and Melissa asked us to meet them and their three children for lunch at the Blacksmith’s Inn in One Tree Hill, we had a lovely meal. The nicest surprise, and one that means more than maybe Ryan would realise, was that they surprised us and paid for our meals which I did not expect. I don’t mean that to sound ungracious or derogatory towards them, I just know they have been doing it tough so it was extra special.
Miss Calais made her feelings well know about the occasion, she was not the happiest of little misses today bless her. Bailey seemed bored but he is 12 so you can’t really blame him, and Cody packed away quite a meal.
Did everyone get the Sunday Mail today, if you did check out Page 15 of the Sunday lift-out, two very handsome and distinguished looking gentlemen have their photographs in the middle of the page at last weekend’s Masonic Homes dinner. I tell you the paparazzi are everywhere. 🙂
Thank you for reading.
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