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Thoughts of a middle aged man….3 September 2012


Today was my day off and although I did the washing and vacuumed downstairs I have to confess I spent most of the day reading.

I have just finished reading a book called Pigeons – The Fascinating Saga of the World’s Most Revered and Reviled Bird, by Andrew Blechman, not your normal book about pigeons. This was a book looking at the historical significance of pigeons including the part they played in various wars as message carriers, as well as touching on fancy pigeon shows, pigeon racing, squab farming and live pigeon shoots. It also had quite a detailed look at the feral variety that everyone is familiar with. While it would bore most senseless I thought it was a good read.

I am now reading Kaiser Wilhelm II – A Life in Power, by Christopher Clark. This is a book about the reign of the last German Kaiser, a controversial figure in twentieth-century World history, and it discusses his place in German politics and the power he did or did not wield depending on your point of view. I have to admit I am having dome trouble getting into it as it is a bit heavy but I will see how it goes. I do have a back-up if I get too bored.

Underbelly – Badness was a bit slow tonight but if you have seen the promo for next week it is building up to something big. This is still one of the best Aussie television shows in a long time, it should do well at the Logies next year.

Big Brother, what can I say about Big Brother. If you don’t take it too serioulsy, and I don’t believe you are supposed to, it is just pure voyeurism at its most harmless, and a bit of a chuckle at the same time.

Thank you for reading.

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