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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..5 September 2012


Today has not been a bad day, I do not usually work on Wednesdays but today I did go in for a couple of hours, tomorrow is a full day.

After work I went to see Dad and my stepmother, my first visit to their new home in the retirement village. They have a lovely unit, not very big but big enough for them, they seem to have settled in well and you can see that Dad is more relaxed after the stress of the move.

My father is a unique character, sometimes he still manages to shock me, I only hope I can have the same effect on my own children as time marches on. Dad does not want a funeral when his time comes, I have always known that, but he does want a big booze up, and until his recent move he wanted his ashes scattered under a tree in his backyard, sadly that will now not be possible so he has to rethink what he would like me to do.

During the course of the move Dad “lost” my stepmother’s jewellery collection, he believed that it may inadvertently have been taken by a charity that collected their surplus belongings after the garage sale, or possible stolen. As the collection is substantial he was beside himself, he contacted his insurance company, the charity in question, and also lodged a report with the police, he was justifiably very upset.

The very next day, my father who forgets nothing, found said jewellery in the unlikeliest of places and was forced to eat humble pie, something he has never acquired a taste for. I could not contain myself, I laughed but he could not see the funny side and remained most serious. I hate to break this to you Dad but you are human and your memory is not as sharp as it once was.

Thank you for reading.

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