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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..6 September 2012


It is blowing an absolute gale outside, I can hardly hear myself type. I hope the weekend weather is a little better as Brian and I are planning on going to the Royal Adelaide Show for the first time. I think the last time I went was about 8 years ago when I took my youngest son Wade, but Brian and I have never been together.

My strata portfolio grew by 3 corporations today, at this rate I will be going up to 4 days a week quite soon which will suit me down to the ground. I can’t see 5 days coming in a hurry, but you never know.

Now I am sitting here wondering what to write, I hate waffle so if I don’t have an epiphany soon this may be a short blog. I know, I heard this morning that Tyson Dagley has avoided a lengthy gaol term in the USA but will be on probation when he returns home to Australia. In a society that seems to have gone mad this was a very good decision, this boy must live with the death of this young girl for the rest of his life and putting him in prison would serve no good purpose, it certainly would not honour her memory.

Before I go I must say thank you to my readers, I am attracting more followers all the time and I am eternally grateful that you are taking the time to read about my humdrum life. Even when I am feeling a bit down just knowing you are out there brightens my day.

Keep smiling and thank you for reading.

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