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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..7 September 2012

I have just three words to describe today, busy, busy, busy. I got through an enormous amount of work today but not all that I wanted to, there were so many interruptions, so many ad hoc enquiries, that I just did not complete everything I wanted to. It looks like next week will be a very busy one indeed.

Television tonight, in a word, boring. Friday night viewing is lousy, whatever happened to the good old Friday Night Movie. Everything is either a repeat, a repeat of a repeat, or just plain boring. Far too miserable outside to go visiting so Brian and I have spent most of the evening reading and dozing off on the lounge. We have turned into your typical middle-aged “married” couple.

Even Facebook has been devoid of anything remotely interesting tonight, apologies to all my Facebook friends and family. Speaking of Facebook I wish they would stop making changes and just putting them live without warning. I now have a list of friends and who knows what else down the right hand side of my screen which I just don’t like. It is apparently called a Ticker. (Just stumbled across how to remove it so that is one less complaint for the night, I take it back.)

What am I to do with Graham’s Goodies, it is just not setting the world on fire, in fact, despite all my best efforts, there is not even the flicker of a flame.  I think I will persevere until Christmas and then if things do not improve it will be goodbye to Graham’s Goodies, there is no point throwing good money after bad indefinitely. I shall just have to think of something else.

Thank you for reading.

Check out the special Kids page at Graham’s Goodies plus lots more, just follow the link http://www.grahamsgoodies.net/. Tell your friends, spread the word, like me…..:)

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