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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..9 September 2012

Brian and I braved the Royal Adelaide Show today, $54 before we even got through the gate, $12 for parking and $42 entry. How families can afford this I don’t know, do they save all year for this one day? I remember taking my four sons year after year, I can imagine nothing worse now, weaving in out with a pusher, I must have been mad.

What I found most annoying, and I know I should be more gracious about it, people with walking frames, twin pushers, even a princess chair. I said to Brian if I can’t walk around under my own steam I am not coming again. That makes me sound horrible doesn’t it, everyone has as much right to be there as I do.

Anyway the one thing Brian was looking forward to was the cars, and the one thing I was looking forward to was the pigeon exhibition, disappointed on both counts. It appears that smaller blocks and cafe society are spelling the end of not just pigeon racing but also the fancy breeds. I remember years ago there were hundreds of pigeons of dozens of different breeds, but today there was sweet stuff all on show. It hasn’t put me off though, I can’t wait until Brian and I buy our own home again and I can get my racing pigeons back.

We traipsed on past the dogs, Weimaraner are now our favourite, or maybe a Vizsla, then the cats, the pigs, the sheep and cattle. This weeks show pig is next week’s bacon sandwich. I gave the reptiles a wide berth, just the thought of a snake gives me the terrors.

Lunch, what can I say about lunch, they can really charge what they like for rubbish can’t they. I had the worst hotdog I have ever had in my life, however Brian’s chicken burger was very tasty.

Can you belive Brian is 46 years old and today is the first time he has ever stepped foot in the showbag pavilion, he never got to go as a child.

After a couple of hours we were pooped, Brian’s back was sore and we just wanted to go home. The next thing you know we are home on our respective couches, and if I know us we were snoring like banshees, the front door was wide open, lord knows  what the neighbours thought.

So glad Sarah got voted off Big Brother tonight, I am a fairly positive person, you can’t come through what Brian and I have without being positive, but she was just too much. “Now listen to me, it is my turn to talk and you will look at me with love”. Vomit!

Thank you for reading.

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