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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..11 September 2012


Today was a very busy day, when I got to work I felt completely overwhelmed by the amount of work that was waiting for me, all of it urgent, and the phone calls and emails came thick and fast all day. I must confess to feeling a bit befuddled until around lunch time, after which things seemed to fall into place and by the time I left things were looking a little better. I can definitely see that I will need to go up to 4 days per week fairly shortly.

I have found out there is an upside to being over fifty, APIA Insurance, that’s right being over 50 and working part-time Brian and I can get cheaper insurance and will save about $50 per month  on our insurance bill, $50 is $50 thank you very much, better in my pocket.

We have had a frustrating night in North Haven tonight, the power has gone off at least 5 times, once before dinner, once during dinner, and I can tell you dinner by candlelight is not as romantic as it used to be. The final three times, as you would expect, came while we were watching television and naturally something interesting was about to happen, don’t you hate that?

I know I sound like a lazy git but tomorrow our dishwasher is being repaired, or at least I hope it is. To be honest the thing is older than all of my grandchildren, and probably my youngest two sons as well, so I am expecting to be told it cannot be repaired. If you think that won’t crap me off you’re wrong.

We haven’t had a quote from The Secret for a while so here goes, “Your job is you. Unless you fill yourself up first, you have nothing to give anybody. Treat yourself with love and respect, and you will attract people who show you love and respect”.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. neetsplace says:

    Thanks for the over 50’s tip 🙂 Keep them coming.

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