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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..12 September 2012

So much for the taste of Spring, it’s another blustery night in downtown North Haven. The wind is howling outside and it has been raining most of the afternoon and evening. I have a clothesline full of washing outside, at least when it eventually comes in it will smell fresh, nothing like the smell of fresh clothes.

I had a reasonably productive day off, washing, ironing, reading, a Papa nap in the afternoon, but don’t tell Brian.

Well I’m sad to say it happened just as I predicted, our dishwasher has gone to the great dishwasher heaven in the sky. Fingers crossed we will have a replacement soon enough. The technician said it was at least 30 years old and he hadn’t seen one like it in years.

Brian and his mother went to the OG Hotel for dinner tonight, the food was terrible apparently so steer clear of that one for the moment. My dinner was not much better, a supermarket bought pizza which was supposed to have been made fresh, not sure what month it was made fresh.

I messaged all my sons tonight as I do on a regular basis just to see how things are going, alls well with Number 1 up to a point, Number 2 has not responded, Number 3 is a bit down, and alls well with Number 4. Even though they are all men I find it so hard to let go and let them make their own mistakes, once a father always a father. I wish I could  still make everything better with a bandaid and a hug.

Thank you for reading.

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