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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..19 September 2012


Today had the desired effect, I caught up on my backlog of work, a real sense of achievement. Then tonight I had my first meeting with a new corporation and it went very well.

Instead of coming straight home I met Brian and his mother for dinner at The North, $12 steak night, not too bad for $12 although I would much rather have had something else, I just was not in the mood for red meat.

For some reason I am feeling incredibly tired tonight. It does seem a while since I had a really good night’s sleep so I suppose it is all catching up with me.

We got a nasty surprise in the mail tonight from our private health fund, our premiums have doubled. How could this be Brian asked, well its like this Dear, I was on the Internet taking advantage of a 10% discount offer on our health insurance from the RAA, and I must have made a mistake. I will correct it tomorrow.

My granddaughter Caitlin goes into hospital tomorrow for day surgery so she should be home tomorrow night. They are performing an exploratory procedure to see if she needs part of her lung removed. Two very nervous grandfathers will be waiting to hear the result tomorrow afternoon.

Nothing else to report tonight so let’s finish with a quote from The Secret, “When you feel bad about yourself, you block the love and instead you attract more people and situations that will continue to make you feel bad about you”. You know the old saying, “God helps those who helps themselves”. Power to you. Thank you for reading.

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