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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..22 September 2012

Today my youngest Son Wade turned 24 and the family got together at the house he shares with his partner Gink for a barbecue. We had a lovely afternoon, it was good to have the entire family together, that is except for Ryan, Blake and Jade. Happy Birthday Son, I might not always understand you, and I might not always agree with the decisions that you make, but I will always love you.

Another year is over for the Adelaide Crows, they went down to Hawthorn by just five points and some very pathetic umpiring, even the commentators questioned some of the decisions made. I certainly hope the AFL hierarchy have a close look at this game and bring those umpires to task. One can only hope those same umpires do not participate in next weekend’s Grand Final.

The Crows were valiant in defeat, it was a very entertaining game to watch. One thing I didn’t like, Lance Franklin, you are a dirty player and should not be in the game, consider yourself lucky that bad umpiring saw you get off free of penalty, the way you treated Ben Rutten was disgraceful.

I can only imagine how disappointed the team are tonight but you were not disgraced boys. You have shown you are real contenders and a force to be reckoned with. Congratulations on a wonderful year under Sando. The other teams had better watch out, the Crow army will be back in 2013, another premiership is not far away. Meanwhile fingers crossed that Scott Thompson or Patrick Dangerfield will walk away with the Brownlow next week. Good luck guys.

Nothing much on television tonight, I think I may have nodded off on the lounge for a bit. I am reading a new book at the moment which cannot be any worse than the one I just finished.

Thank you for reading.

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