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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..23 September 2012

Last night I had the worst sleep I have had in a very long time. At 1.30 this morning I got up for a cup of hot Milo just to see if it would help. There’s no reason for this I thought to myself, there is nothing bothering me, my mind isn’t in overdrive, and then I remembered, I forgot to take my happy pill.
My happy pill not only helps to keep me sane but it helps me sleep as well, I wonder if them means I am addicted to them if I can’t sleep without themt? Anyway there was no point in taking it at 2.00 in the morning, who knows how long I might have slept, not that it made much difference as I slept off and on until 11.00. This afternoon I was still tired so I slept for another three hours. Tonight I have taken my happy pill.
I saw an ad on television tonight for Can of Worms on Channel 10. Brian and I could not get into this show when Dicko hosted it and haven’t given it another shot since Chrissie Swan took over. Tomorrow night they will be discussing multiculturalism in Australia, and whether or not migrants should be “forced” to learn English.
Firstly I embrace multiculturalism, think of all the beautiful cuisines we would not have if we still had the old “White Australia Policy“, and what an interesting culture we now have. I definitely believe that the ability to speak English should be a prerequisite for coming to this country. I would not expect to be able to live in Japan if I could not speak Japanese. How can migrants assimilate if they cannot speak the language, all it does is isolate them within their own communities which is not in my opinion good for them or this wonderful country.
Thank you for reading.
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