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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..24 September 2012


Congratulations to Jobe Watson on his Brownlow Medal win. Watching the Brownlow Medal broadcast tonight reminded of something quite funny and very embarrassing that happened to me a number of years ago. I hear you ask what possible link could I have to the Brownlow Medal, read on.

A number of years ago I was in Sydney Airport waiting for a flight to Melbourne, it was the night of one of the AFL awards, NAB Rising Star from memory. Anyway at the airport there were a number of Sydney Swan players also waiting for their flight, Paul Kelly, Tony Lockett, Wayne Schwass, and Michael O’Loughlin.

At the time my third son Blake was an avid Michael O’Loughlin fan, and the good Dad inside me knew that I should get Michael’s autograph for him, however the shy Dad just could not summon up the courage to approach him in the terminal.

As luck would have it Michael sat almost behind me and just across the aisle, very close, so close in fact that I knew if I could get his attention I could ask for his autograph, thus ingratiating myself to Blake. After fumbling around in my briefcase I came up with pen and paper and proceeded to give Michael the eye in an effort to get his attention.

It didn’t take long and Michael saw this idiot giving him the eye so I swallowed hard and asked for his autograph, explaining it was for my son. Ever the gentlemen Michael obliged and I was content and proud in that fact that Blake would be very impressed, and I would definitely be the good Dad.

Imagine my horror when Michael gave me back my pad and pen with an autograph duly signed by none other than Adam Goodes, who proceeded to kill himself laughing. I wish I could have crawled under my seat.

Adam Goodes went on to win an award that night, and I am sure he told that story more than once on the night and had another chuckle at my expense.

The moral of the story, Adam Goodes has had a stellar career and gone on to win two Brownlow Medals, and me, I am still trying to be the good Dad. I wonder if he remembers. As an aside Blake saw the funny side and appreciated my efforts.

Thank you for reading.

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