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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..27 September 2012

Tonight I had a late meeting so it was well after dark when I finally made my way home. It is a fair drive home from Norwood to North Haven, and alone in the car you get to think about things, contemplate  what is happening in your life.
You also get to observe other people driving along, talking on their mobile phones, screaming at their children, bopping to the radio, just chilling out. Then there are the things that really frustrate you, things like women walking out after dark by themselves, do they not read the papers, do they not watch television. It is a dangerous world out there ladies, for god’s sake use some common sense.
Tonight I saw a woman go across Bower Road and walk into a dark public park, how stupid was that. Mothers and fathers, talk to your daughters, do not let them be tomorrow’s news headlines.
On a lighter note , have you ever noticed how the presenters of infomercials seem to scream at you through the television, why can they not speak as normal people do. The last thing I feel like doing after listening to them bellow out from the idiot box is to buy their product.
I have just been reminded that 14 years ago a mate of mine was tragically taken from his young family in a motor vehicle accident. It really does put a whole new perspective on life and makes you appreciate what you have.
Thank you for reading.
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