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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..28 September 2012


It is blowing an absolute gale outside, what happened to Spring? When I got home tonight both of our rubbish bins had blown over, after being emptied fortunately.

As I had to work last night Brian and I did the grocery shopping on the way home tonight, and then had Hungry Jacks for dinner. Do yourself a favour and steer clear of Hungry Jacks at Port Adelaide, the worst food I have ever had, I can still taste it.

Did everyone watch the Grand Final Footy Show on Channel 9 last night, not a bad show. The AFL Player Review gets better every year, some of these football players can really dance, such a shame they lip sync, there are probably some good singers amongst them as well. David Rodan from Port Power is a wonderful dancer, who would have thought?

Brian’s brother Ian was in the Rod Laver Arena for the show last night as the company he works for in Western Australia flew him and nine others to Melbourne for a grand final weekend, lucky sod. We spoke to him tonight and he is having a ball.

Tomorrow Brian and I are off to see friends in Clayton Bay for the day and will watch the AFL Grand Final there. I hope the Sydney Swans beat Hawthorn.

Although Clayton Bay has some bittersweet memories we still have good friends there, one in particular Mary is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and we are quite looking forward to seeing her and her partner Marg. We recently found out that two of the locals, one that we knew quite well and was a regular in the cafe, have passed away. I am sure your friends miss you very much Jan, RIP.

Thank you for reading.

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