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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..5 October 2012


As I sit alone upstairs writing, contemplating my day, my life, you can’t help but think there are many people in this world who would give their right arm to have my life. Its time to make lemonade, to be the pigeon, to take control.

You know celebrities are not the only ones that have wardrobe malfunctions. I hate shopping but I love a bargain, a few weeks ago I found a bargain, $8 for a pair of jeans at K-Mart. Now I have a problem buying jeans, usually in my size the legs are all long but this time I found a regular…..Kaching!

Anyway I bought a pair of these jeans and have worn them probably six times, and on the last occasion I noticed they has started to split in two places at the back, nothing major just a couple of small splits. As I like to wear everything to death, and lets face you have to get your $8 worth, I decided that today being casual day I would wear these jeans to work. As I wear my casual shirts untucked nobody should be any the wiser.

All was good, that is until I sat in my car and heard a distinct ripping sound. Back inside I came and found another pair of jeans, and the two small splits, well one was now quite a gash. I suppose you get what you pay for, and what I won’t be paying for is any more jeans from K-Mart.

Thank you for reading.

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