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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..10 October 2012


As predicted I had a particularly lazy day today, and it was a good day for it, the weather has been and still is quite miserable.

After a nice, long sleep in, I got up about 9.30 and had breakfast, then I put a load of washing on which I had to wait two hours to hang out due to the rain. I don’t mind leaving the washing on the line in the rain, when the clothes do come in they smell wonderful. Anyway I could see no point in doing any more washing so that was the end of that.

After sitting on YouTube for a bit I had a shower and then went to the library. Libraries are just not what they used to be, trying to find something I wanted to read was quite difficult, like it or not I can see a kindle coming. Did I mention that I had a Papa nap in the afternoon, such a hard life, back to work tomorrow.

I finished up with two books and started to read the first this afternoon, it is entitled Hitler‘s Henchmen, and the first chapter was about Goebbels. I know we have all read the horror stories about World War 2 and the Holocaust, but this book is more about the men themselves rather than their infamous actions. What I found particularly disturbing is that Goebbels and his wife made the decision at the end of the war, after Hitler’s suicide, to not only take their own lives but also those of their six children aged from 13 to 5. That is something I can not comprehend, to take the lives of all of your children, this speaks volumes about the man.

Chapter 2 is about Goering, that will be for tomorrow night. One can only imagine what horrors will be revealed about him.

Thank you for reading.


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