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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..12 October 2012


Brian and I have just arrived home after a pleasant night out at the Brompton Hotel with good friends Carol and Jayne. Lovely meal, good company, aside from the money lost on the pokies a good night out.

The last week has been another busy one at work, however next week will not be quite as busy so will only be working 3 days, bugger!

At lunch time today I ran into my Aunt and Uncle on The Parade, that would be Mum’s brother Philip and his wife Carol. I do not see them often but it is always nice to catch up. As luck would have it we will all be at the same 90th birthday party in a couple of weeks so will catch up again there as well.

Blake is home from Melbourne for a few days so I hope to see him for more than 2 minutes this trip, will have to see if he can come for dinner one night and bring my granddaughter Jade.

I was quite excited yesterday as I had tracked down someone I worked with over 30 years ago via Facebook and my friend request was accepted, today I tried to contact her and she has revoked it again, oh well, you win some you lose some.

A busy weekend ahead so I need my beauty sleep. Thank you for reading.

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