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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..13 October 2012


After a nice sleep in this morning it was off to the Elizabeth Shopping Centre, whilst there we bought a birthday present for my granddaughter Alyssa who will be 7 next Saturday. I tried to find jeans in my size, no problem around the girth but they were all long leg and I need regular.

Strolling around Target I spied the perfect Xmas present for 14 month old Calais, a Jump-O-Lene, or trampoline as I would call it, built into a play-pen, she will love it. Xmas is coming fast and with my brood we really need to start shopping now, one down, seven grandchildren to go.

Next stop was Resthaven Nursing Home at Craigmore to see Mum, she was quite bright today but nevertheless I always find these visits depressing. Mum was listening to a CD by my cousin Sandi when we arrived and I put on another as we left.

From here we called in to see Ryan and Melissa and their three children. This was the first time I have seen Calais walk, she was very proud of herself and I had the privilege of being on the receiving end of a snotty, dribbly kiss.  Cody and Bailey were also home, the visit was short but sweet.

Earlier in the day I had started to feel unwell so when we got home I laid down for a couple of hours and soon drifted off. When I woke up I still had a headache so I popped a couple of Panadol.

A little later we got a surprise visit from Kane and Kristin and their 4 children. Caitlin also had a headache so she slept it off upstairs while the younger ones played the pianola and generally entertained us. It was a lovely surprise.

Another busy day tomorrow so I need to sleep off this headache. Thank you for reading.

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