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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..14 October 2012


Today we went out for lunch to celebrate Gink’s birthday, Gink is my son Wade’s partner. We went to a cafe at Henley Beach called Stella and I ordered chicken risotto, if there was an entire tenderloin in my risotto I would have been lucky, talk about spot the chicken. Over priced for what I got and it was not that nice, I have definitely had better. There was also one older gentlemen that cleared our table, I assumed he was the owner but I may be wrong, who was definitely looking down his nose at his gay clientele. Our money is as good as the next person’s mate, you are in the hospitality industry, get over yourself.

I have not felt 100% all weekend, something that is becoming a regular occurrence so perhaps a visit to the doctor might be in order. Anyway I spent most of the rest of the day reading my book about Hitler‘s Henchmen, a bloody lot they were, most of them cowards who took their own lives rather than face up to and pay for their crimes.

Tomorrow is my day off, a day I will probably spend washing and ironing, lucky me. I’m sure I’ll find plenty of time to do some reading, and I’ll probably check out some YouTube videos as well.

I was very impressed with Josh on Big Brother tonight, at what is a terrible time for his family he conducted himself with dignity, his family must be very proud.

There has been a lot of talk in the media of late about armed robberies and people driving off from service station without paying for their fuel. Now while criminals will always be criminals, and will continue to find new ways to get their kicks and break the law, take cash out of the equation and it would seem to me you go some way to fixing the problem.

I am all for paying at the pump, this is where most of the cash comes from at a service station, no credit on your card no petrol. Not as much cash in the till, less reason to rob a service station. I firmly believe we are headed for a cashless society and the sooner the better in my book, it will be a lot safer on the streets if no-one is carrying cash.

I know a lot of people will laugh me off, and I know that a lot of older people in particular still like cash but this will not happen overnight, it will take years to implement. My generation, my children’s generation, and in particular my grandchildren’s generation, should embrace this. That is my humble opinion anyway. Do not get me started on paper, I think there is a lot we can do to minimise the amount of paper we use, but that is for another night.

Thank you for reading.

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