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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..17 October 2012

Today was my day off, a truly lazy day. I had big plans, a hair cut, washing, some gardening, and then the usual reading, YouTube, watch a bit of television, yeah right. What can I say, I am a lazy old git. I did get a haircut, I did do some washing, gardening, nah! Wait, I tell a lie, I did pull out a weed, it was a big weed, more like a small bush really. Then as planned I did sit on Youtube for a bit, and then, well I had a little nap.

I did manage to finish the book I was reading about Hitler‘s Henchmen, it really did drag on and it got a bit heavy. I don’t know why but everything I read lately seems to be a bit deep and meaningful, but then again I don’t like froth. Aside from The Da Vinci Code I have read nothing nonfiction in years, and then what appealed to me was the hype and the fact that it could conceivably have been quite true.

I have started another book tonight about the flight of the Romanovs from Russia in 1919 aboard the HMAS Marlborough. The jacket cover says it is well written with some humor, what else would it say, this book is rubbish, so time will tell, watch this space.

Nothing much on television tonight although Kitchen Cabinet was quite interesting. Bronwyn Bishop was tonight’s guest, a no crap type of lady, I have always liked her and thought she would have made a very good Prime Minister, certainly a step up from the current.

Thank you for reading.

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