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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..18 October 2012

I didn’t seem to achieve much at the office today as I was out visiting sites most of the morning and then had to leave early this afternoon for a strata meeting on my way home. If I don’t catch up tomorrow I will have to work on Monday.

Last night I had the worst night’s sleep I have had in years, I know I said that the other day, but last night took the cake. It was after 2.00 am before I nodded off and then I kept waking up all night and tossing and turning, I do not feel like I slept at all. Brian on the other hand had a good night’s sleep, I can hear him in there again now.

Another miserable night of television tonight but I was too tired to read so half watched a number of shows. Tonight for the first time we watched Brynne – My Bedazzled Life, we could not bear to watch the entire episode, what pathetic television that is. We won’t be switching to that again until hell freezes over or Labor win the next election, whichever comes first.

Tomorrow is casual day so at least I can dress comfortably for the day. The phones and email are usually very quiet on Fridays so I should catch up.

Time for me to call it a day as my head is nodding as I type. Thank you for reading.

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