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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..19 October 2012

Friday is usually a quiet day at the office, the day where I get to catch up so that I start next week with a clean slate, not today. Until quite late this afternoon the phones and email went bunter, the consequence of which is that I am now working on Monday. Remember the money Graham.

My son Blake came for dinner tonight, it was not a long visit but as I had to pick him up and drop him back again there was a lot of father son time, we had a great chat. I can’t speak for Blake but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Blake has the Sunday red-eye flight back to Melbourne so both he and my granddaughter Jade will be staying tomorrow night, as we do not live that far from the airport. Lucky me, I have the early morning privilege of taking him to the airport, not that I mind, another chance for a chat before he leaves. It is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that one of my children has me up at the crack of dawn.

So Australia now has a place on the UN Security Council for the next two years, and $24,000,000 was paid for the privilege. I understand the prestige this brings, not to mention the opportunity it affords us to have a say about what happens on the international stage. Is it worth $24,000,000, the jury is out, we shall just have to wait and see?

Thank you for reading.

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