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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..24 October 2012


Today was my day off and I made the most of it. I did some washing, a bit of ironing, vacuumed the lounge, the obligatory reading after a long sleep in, and naturally my best friend YouTube. As I was running low on medication I had to go to the chemist and lucky Brian, Bulgari cologne was on sale so I bought him a bottle, aren’t I a gem?

Brian is always nagging me because I don’t wash my car so today I thought, I’ll show you, so off to the local service station to put my car through a car wash. I went inside to pay and collect my ticket and utter dismay, the attendant told me the car wash was not working…..I tried Brian.

Now I need to get on my soapbox, I was watching A Current Affair tonight and I was horrified about the plight of Australia’s citrus industry. Farms are closing, farmers are going broke and leaving their land, and all because of so-called cheap imports.

Australian farmers are being paid 12 cents per kilogram and how much are oranges in the supermarket, $2.50-$3.00 a kilogram. There are tonnes of citrus rotting in land fills, citrus trees are being dug up and burnt, the government should be ashamed. Think about what could be done with that fruit, what about charities, hospitals, the homeless, our school kids. Think about the water that has been wasted growing these crops so they can rot and be burned, bloody disgraceful.

Wherever possible we really do need to buy Australian, we cannot sit back and watch people’s livelihoods be destroyed. As one of the farmers said tonight the overseas suppliers are not subject to the same strict regulations the Australian farmers are, so we are not competing on a level playing field, we are not comparing oranges with oranges. Vote with your dollar and buy Australian.

That’s me for tonight. Thank you for reading.

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