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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..25 October 2012

I think every loony toon in Adelaide was on the road tonight. As I had a 5.30 strata meeting, which nobody attended I might add, I was on the road a bit later than usual tonight. People honking their horn, screaming abuse, crossing lanes without indicating, I was glad to get home.

On the way home I stopped off to pick up the pizza Brian had ordered, large with the lot from Pierre’s on Semaphore Road, not good for the waist line or the diabetes, but very nice nonetheless. All gone, we are just a couple of piglets.

When I got to work this morning I was greeted by a particularly nasty email from someone I have never met, saying some rather mean things about my abilities. I wouldn’t mind so much if she had her facts straight, but she was quoting from material I had sent her and she quite obviously had read none of it. I responded with a polite but terse email highlighting the things I was wrongly accused of, which should make it glaringly obvious, even to the ignorant, that they were wrong. An apology would not go astray but those type of people never do.

I am really quite tired tonight so am off to bed. Thank you for reading.

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