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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..27 October 2012

What a boring day today has been, I finished my book so nothing to read, nothing worth watching on television, an absolute waste of a Saturday. Tomorrow we are out all afternoon which will be better than sitting at home for another day.

Nothing much tickling my fancy tonight either, another James Bond rerun is the pick of a sad lot.

There was one thing that happened today which could have led to a little excitement for everyone but me. I went to the local shops to check last weeks lotto and put on this weeks, as I was walking through the car park some moron started reversing out of a park oblivious to the fact that I was right behind them. Thank you to the guy that shouted out.

The book I have just finished reading is about some of the last of the Romanovs and their flight into exile after the Bolshevik revolution in Russia aboard the HMAS Marlborough. I had high hopes for that book as the subject matter is something I am very much interested in, but it was poorly written and quite boring. Back to the library on Monday to see if I can find something a little more lively.

I think the best way to put this boring day behind me is to go to bed. Sleep tight and thank you for reading.

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