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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..29 October 2012

On my way to the local shop over the weekend I was witness to a most peculiar site, I turned the corner and to my surprise, right in the middle of the road, was a disabled man riding his gopher. It soon became apparent that this man knew I was coming up behind him and he made no effort to move to the side of the road. I was dumbstruck, if I had hit him, even by accident, who is the one that would have been vilified, and yet he had the arrogance to ride his gopher in the middle of the road forcing  me to drive around him.

Next day on our way to the 90th birthday celebrations I saw a sign on the front of a church which brought a wry smile to my face, the sign read. “Knee-mail not email”. Presumably alluding to the position of prayer I found that quite amusing, a priest with a sense of humour.

After going to the library this morning for a couple of new books I went to a local service station to check the air in my tyres and for the second day running a white pigeon crossed my path, this definitely means something, but what?

I was quite horrified by an advertisement I have seen for A Current Affair tomorrow night, there will be a story about a rapist that served 26 years in prison upon receiving a life sentence for raping a woman and then locking her in the boot of her car and torching the car. This man is now stalking another innocent victim, why is a life sentence not a life sentence, who let this animal out? One can only hope he is locked up before another innocent is harmed.

Thank you for reading.

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