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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..31 October 2012

Halloween, bah humbug, last time I looked at our flag there was a Union Jack and the Southern Cross, not stars and stripes. Fortunately I did not need my sign as no-on came knocking, although I saw a lot walk past, must have been the vibe from inside, I frightened them off.

Speaking of stars and stripes my sympathies go out to the people on the east coast of the USA, such a tragedy, it is a miracle more were not killed. This just reaffirms my view that I live in the best state of the luckiest country on Earth, Australian and proud of it.

Yesterday I mentioned mothers who do not keep an eye on their children, another classic example today. Early afternoon I went to the chemist and after pulling out of my driveway I turned the corner and right there a woman had stopped her car, obviously visiting someone, and the children all aged under five started piling out of the car on both sides while she was still sorting herself out in the car. Nearly a nasty accident which would have been my fault.

The children should have been restrained in the car and the mother should have let them out, at least that is how I did it and how my own children do it with their children. A little common sense please.

Thank you for reading.

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