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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..24 October 2012

Today was my day off and I made the most of it. I did some washing, a bit of ironing, vacuumed the lounge, the obligatory reading after a long sleep in, and naturally my best friend YouTube. As I was running low on medication I had to go to the chemist and lucky Brian, Bulgari cologne was on sale so I bought him a bottle, aren’t I a gem?

Brian is always nagging me because I don’t wash my car so today I thought, I’ll show you, so off to the local service station to put my car through a car wash. I went inside to pay and collect my ticket and utter dismay, the attendant told me the car wash was not working…..I tried Brian.

Now I need to get on my soapbox, I was watching A Current Affair tonight and I was horrified about the plight of Australia’s citrus industry. Farms are closing, farmers are going broke and leaving their land, and all because of so-called cheap imports.

Australian farmers are being paid 12 cents per kilogram and how much are oranges in the supermarket, $2.50-$3.00 a kilogram. There are tonnes of citrus rotting in land fills, citrus trees are being dug up and burnt, the government should be ashamed. Think about what could be done with that fruit, what about charities, hospitals, the homeless, our school kids. Think about the water that has been wasted growing these crops so they can rot and be burned, bloody disgraceful.

Wherever possible we really do need to buy Australian, we cannot sit back and watch people’s livelihoods be destroyed. As one of the farmers said tonight the overseas suppliers are not subject to the same strict regulations the Australian farmers are, so we are not competing on a level playing field, we are not comparing oranges with oranges. Vote with your dollar and buy Australian.

That’s me for tonight. Thank you for reading.

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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..23 October 2012

Today I had two strata meetings, the first was a group of 4 and no-one showed up, although all sent their proxies to me. It never ceases to amaze me how some people seem to care so little about their investments, if I was unethical I could do almost anything and not be challenged. The second was a group of 6, 2 proxies and 4 in attendance.

If there is one thing I have learnt as a strata manager it is that I value my piece of Australia, no strata fees, no compromise, no By-laws, no “house” rules, as long as I abide by council regulations I can do what I want within the law.

Did anyone watch the new episode of Big Bang Theory tonight, what a cracker, it was one of the funniest episodes I have seen. I think Kaley Cuoco pulls off her part beautifully, the deadpan way she delivers her lines is to be applauded.

Some not so good news tonight, my 14 month old granddaughter Calais is not well and has the doctors somewhat perplexed at the moment. I know it will be nothing serious my beautiful baby girl, all will be well soon. Can you believe this little girl loves cleaning, she is so dam cute, just like her Papa 🙂

Did I mention that tomorrow is my day off, I can feel a nice long sleep in coming. Thank you for reading.

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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..22 October 012

Am feeling a bit like a mushroom at the moment as I sit here typing in the dark. That’s right the light globe just blew and as I have duck’s disease, that is my backside is too close to the floor due to my short legs, I have to wait for Brian to meander up and change the light globe…… Hello, I can see the light, thank you Dear.

Today was supposed to be my day off but I went into the office to catch up and left at about 3.15. At least tomorrow I start with a clean slate, and I will definitely have Wednesday off, such a hard life I have, over 50 and working part-time, wait, I sound like an ad for APIA. On the way home I stopped for petrol, 15 minutes I had to wait in a queue.

Today Brian started studying for his Diploma of Management, it was a bit of a shock to his system as he has not been in a learning environment for nearly 30 years but the rewards will be worth it, and even better his work is paying for it. I think  he is  suffering from a bit of brain drain tonight as he is already in bed.

Tonight we watched a fascinating show on The Human Body, I am not sure what channel it was on but it is truly amazing just how our bodies work. One baby girl had half her brain detached as it was malfunctioning due to a rare disorder, the theory being it would force her to use the good half of her brain. This little girl is now on her way to leading a normal life, absolutely amazing.

That’s it from me tonight. Thank you for reading.

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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..21 October 2012

This weekend I got to spend some quality time with my third son Blake, I can’t wait for him to move back to Adelaide in about 5 weeks. Both Blake and his daughter Jade stayed over last night and although she was quite upset and a bit off colour yesterday, she brightened up today. She has decided that Papa should not touch her hair as after her bath I tried to brush it, she has very long hair and I had four sons and am not used to long, knotty girl hair. I was politely told that she could do it herself……get back in your box Papa!

Yesterday another granddaughter Alyssa turned 7 but as she had a family day out we did not see her until today. Her birthday presents were a big hit, she loves reading and in fact got an award for reading at school, so she loved her Fairy Princess book. We also bought her an electronic diary which she did not put down the whole time we were there.

In all I got to see 5 of my grandchildren and two of my sons this weekend, and I spoke to the two other boys so not a bad weekend.

Last night Brian and I had dinner at The British Hotel in North Adelaide with friends Mary and Angela. I had a pork rib-eye with red cabbage and a celeriac salad, quite nice I must say although the service was a little slow. Someone who shall remain nameless accidentally relieved themselves in the female toilet, enough said.

Blake flew back to Melbourne this morning and like a good father I was up at 5.45 to take him to the airport, so I am quite tired despite having a long sleep this afternoon. I also woke up with a headache this morning that I cannot shake.

Back to work tomorrow. Thank you for reading.

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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..19 October 2012

Friday is usually a quiet day at the office, the day where I get to catch up so that I start next week with a clean slate, not today. Until quite late this afternoon the phones and email went bunter, the consequence of which is that I am now working on Monday. Remember the money Graham.

My son Blake came for dinner tonight, it was not a long visit but as I had to pick him up and drop him back again there was a lot of father son time, we had a great chat. I can’t speak for Blake but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Blake has the Sunday red-eye flight back to Melbourne so both he and my granddaughter Jade will be staying tomorrow night, as we do not live that far from the airport. Lucky me, I have the early morning privilege of taking him to the airport, not that I mind, another chance for a chat before he leaves. It is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that one of my children has me up at the crack of dawn.

So Australia now has a place on the UN Security Council for the next two years, and $24,000,000 was paid for the privilege. I understand the prestige this brings, not to mention the opportunity it affords us to have a say about what happens on the international stage. Is it worth $24,000,000, the jury is out, we shall just have to wait and see?

Thank you for reading.

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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..18 October 2012

I didn’t seem to achieve much at the office today as I was out visiting sites most of the morning and then had to leave early this afternoon for a strata meeting on my way home. If I don’t catch up tomorrow I will have to work on Monday.

Last night I had the worst night’s sleep I have had in years, I know I said that the other day, but last night took the cake. It was after 2.00 am before I nodded off and then I kept waking up all night and tossing and turning, I do not feel like I slept at all. Brian on the other hand had a good night’s sleep, I can hear him in there again now.

Another miserable night of television tonight but I was too tired to read so half watched a number of shows. Tonight for the first time we watched Brynne – My Bedazzled Life, we could not bear to watch the entire episode, what pathetic television that is. We won’t be switching to that again until hell freezes over or Labor win the next election, whichever comes first.

Tomorrow is casual day so at least I can dress comfortably for the day. The phones and email are usually very quiet on Fridays so I should catch up.

Time for me to call it a day as my head is nodding as I type. Thank you for reading.

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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..17 October 2012

Today was my day off, a truly lazy day. I had big plans, a hair cut, washing, some gardening, and then the usual reading, YouTube, watch a bit of television, yeah right. What can I say, I am a lazy old git. I did get a haircut, I did do some washing, gardening, nah! Wait, I tell a lie, I did pull out a weed, it was a big weed, more like a small bush really. Then as planned I did sit on Youtube for a bit, and then, well I had a little nap.

I did manage to finish the book I was reading about Hitler‘s Henchmen, it really did drag on and it got a bit heavy. I don’t know why but everything I read lately seems to be a bit deep and meaningful, but then again I don’t like froth. Aside from The Da Vinci Code I have read nothing nonfiction in years, and then what appealed to me was the hype and the fact that it could conceivably have been quite true.

I have started another book tonight about the flight of the Romanovs from Russia in 1919 aboard the HMAS Marlborough. The jacket cover says it is well written with some humor, what else would it say, this book is rubbish, so time will tell, watch this space.

Nothing much on television tonight although Kitchen Cabinet was quite interesting. Bronwyn Bishop was tonight’s guest, a no crap type of lady, I have always liked her and thought she would have made a very good Prime Minister, certainly a step up from the current.

Thank you for reading.

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