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Thoughts of a middle aged man…..6 November 2012


The race is on, the US presidential election is only hours away, who do you think will be the next “Leader of the Free World”, Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. Who cares I hear you say, we should, this man will be the mot powerful man on the planet, his actions will reverberate into our world.

While I understand that the USA is a true democracy, you do not have to vote, to me that simply means that it is not by the will of the people that he is elected, just the will of those that can be bothered casting a ballot. For my money I think the Australian way is better, a compulsory vote by all adults, provided that is that you have registered to vote.

Either way we have no say, like it or not the USA rules the waves, their policy becomes our policy, their wars become our wars. There is one policy that I pray will never cross the ocean, and that is the policy on gun ownership. How any government can ignore what is happening in every city across the USA and allow guns to be purchased so freely is completely beyond comprehension. As far as gun policy is concerned Australia leads the way.

On a lighter note what the hell is wrong with my PC, response times are getting worse every day. I have deleted everything I can, I have a huge amount of available disk space, but every task takes forever. Looks like a job for tomorrow afternoon.

Thank you for reading. By the way, we did not win the $100,000,000.00 jackpot…..Bugger!


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